Tunisia Automotive International Components and Spare Parts Exhibition

Tunisia Automotive is a biennial professional exhibition. The second session is organized by Société des Foires Internationales de Tunis in partnership with the Tunisian Automotive Association (TAA) and the Technical Center for Mechanical and Electrical Industries (CETIME), in collaboration with the National Federation of Mechanics and the National Federation of Electricity (UTICA), the Industry and Innovation Promotion Agency (API), the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency (FIPA TUNISIA) and the Export Promotion Center (CEPEX).



ORGANISERS : FIPA-TUNISIA and Tunisian Automotive Association (TAA)





  • Name : Tunisie Automotive 
  • Dates : November 2021
  • Venue: Parc des Expositions et Centre de commerce International de Tunis – Le Kram
  • Frequency: Biennal
  • Organizer: Société des Foires Internationales de Tunis S.A
  • Opening hours : For visitors,every day from 10 am to 6.30 pm

Access map

Location of the Tunis Exhibition Center and International Trade Center:
Easy access and close to:

  • City of Tunis
  • Tunis Carthage Airport
  • Port of La Goulette
  • Port of Rades
  • Touristic area
  • Fast Train from Tunis Downtown, TGM Line: Airport Station

Useful information

Safety instructions

Safety regulations are displayed in the halls and at any public place in the Parc des Expositions.

    • The exhibitor and his agents are obliged to comply with the general safety regulations in case of fire in establishments open to the public (decree of 25 June 1980)
    • Visitors are advised to follow the safety instructions in case of an alert or evacuation.

Security system

With its 40,000 m2 coveredarea , the exhibition center of the Tunis International Fairs Company is equipped with:

    • A generalized sound system (indoor and outdoor)
    • A 3-dimensional safety system comprising :
      • Video surveillance cameras,
      • Intrusion detectors,
      • A round system for security officers .


Visitors’ Parking

  • 1050 parking lots ,
  • It is accessible to visitors during the opening hours of the exhibition,
  • The visitors’ Parking is fully lighted up,
  • Visitors’ parking is neither guarded nor insured.

Exhibitors’ Parking

  • The Exhibitors’ Parking is located inside the Exhibition Center.
  • The Exhibitors’ Parking is accessible during the fiting up schedule , During the event and during the dismantling schedule on presentation of the vehicle access badge
  • Exhibitors access is free.
  • 250 parking lots,

Service providers

For exhibitors and foreign visitors

Your trip

To come to Tunisia Automotive, TUNISAIR provides daily flights to Tunis from several cities in Europe and Africa at preferential prices.
Special discounts on the TUNISAIR and TUNISAIR EXPRESS lines.

Your stay

Special discounts in chartered hotels.
List of selected hotels in the Tunis area (PDF)

Your transit and customs operations

The freight forwarders approved by the organizer provide quality transit and customs services for the entry and exit of your samples and exhibition equipment.
List of Freight Forwarders

touristic Information

To discover Tunisia, its heritage and its touristic offer, please consult the website of the Tunisian Tourism Office (ONTT)



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